Ungrateful Pancakes

My kids complained about their pancakes this morning.   They were each staring at a steaming stack of 4 delicious, from scratch, pancakes with lightly crispy edges that were dripping with butter and hot, real, maple syrup.

But the older one whined that he wanted blueberry pancakes, and the younger one said the pancakes were too thin.

So… they are getting beans and rice exclusively for a day or two.

  • No treats — even though it’s Advent and there are chocolates in the box we will open during our devotions.
  • No snacks — even though we will be popping popcorn for a special Christmas movie tonight.

Through the rest of the weekend they will only have the sustenance needed for survival.

Building gratitude into children who live such blessed lives is not easy.  I guess real gratitude can only come from “suffering” because they certainly aren’t learning it from me telling them, “You should be grateful you have any food at all… there are children starving in other parts of the world…”  To them, that sounds like the “Waa waa waa waaaa…” of Charlie Brown adults.



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