Ultimate Questions

ultimatequestionsI spent some time this morning recording myself going through the booklet, Ultimate Questions, by John Blanchard.  (Sorry for the rather poor sound quality… that’s what you get for using the built in camera and mike! )  I have a dear friend who was expressing some interest in Christianity a couple of weeks ago, and I sent her one of these.  Our church gives them out to people who have questions or show an interest in knowing more.  I highly recommend it.  It’s an excellent introduction that hits all the high points and is only 30 pages long.

I split the 12 questions from the book into 5 short videos. You can chain through them all by watching for the “Next Video” button near the end of each.

Video 1

  • 1. “Is anyone there?” (Is there a God?)
  • 2. “Is God speaking?” (The reliablity of the Bible as the Word of God.)

Video 2

  • 3. “What is God like?” (The nature of God.)

Video 3

  • 4. “Who am I?” (Human creation and nature.)
  • 5. “What went wrong?” (The fall of mankind into sin.)
  • 6. “Is sin serious?” (What does it mean to say that I, personally, am a sinner?)

Video 4

  • 7. “Where do I go from here?” (The eternal prison called “Hell.”)
  • 8. “Can Religion help?” (Hint: nope.)
  • 9. “Is there an answer?” (Hint: YES!)

Video 5

  • 10. “Why the cross?” (What happened when Jesus died on the cross and rose again?)
  • 11. “How can I be saved?” (Answer: repentance from sin, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ … simple, and yet impossibly hard.)
  • 12. “Which way now?” (What to do after you’ve been saved.)

(These are the individual links:


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