Man Destroys Himself

Hey… I know it’s not near Halloween, but are you ready to see some actual HORROR?  I saw some tonight.  Quite by accident.  My husband was flipping through this picture line-up on CBN News showing the devastating effects of Methamphetamine.  The after pictures of these poor people who have destroyed themselves on this drug look like something out of a low budget haunted house.  Before, they appear sane, normal, and some even pretty.  After?  They are slack-jawed, covered with pus oozing sores, and suffering from paranoia and hallucinations.

Before and After Photos of Meth Users - Credit:

The first thing I thought of, when I saw these pictures, was a book I read some years ago, which actually became one of my all time favorites.  It’s called The Oath.  The spine of the story is a small mining town that sells itself to the devil, so-to-speak.  It sounds like something you’ve heard a hundred times, but this telling had a disgusting twist: when time came for individuals to cash in with the devil, a wound would appear directly over their heart.  It would turn from burning red to black and soft, and begin to ooze a mucous-like, foul smelling, black fluid… right out of that person’s heart.  The funny thing is, that the more advanced the person’s condition was, the less they noticed it.  So that near the very end… just before the demon would devour them, they would be covered in this slick, black, filth — though completely oblivious to it — as it nearly gushed out of their chests.

That paints such an accurate picture of sin, doesn’t it?  Often the one in the throws of the deadly addiction, who is literally killing themselves, is almost completely blind to it.

It just so happens that with Meth addiction, the evidence of sin is painted all over the person’s face, but most other sins don’t leave this kind of visual evidence behind.  They build up inside the soul more like The Picture of Dorian Gray.

People enslaved to pornography, for example, often look just fine on the outside.  They can smile on command, no problem.  But their soul is rotting away inside as they give piece after piece of themselves away in a miserable quest for something they will never find.  It eludes them like a vapor. What they need so desperately evades them like an endless game of hide and seek.  Only late at night, when the pleasure of the sin is over for the moment, when the shame creeps in (if they are even still able to feel shame) — only in these quiet, alone, late night moments can they hear a small, muffled voice screaming, “I am creating my own Hell on earth!”

We both have a condition, you know.  We were both born with a terminal disease — sin.  The Bible tells us that the penalty for sin is death.  We were born spiritually dead, and however many years you live on this earth, you live them running, blindfolded, at break-neck speed toward the cliff of your own physical death.  Ten out of ten die, and you won’t be the exception to that.  The Bible tells us that it’s appointed by God that every human being will die once, and then face God’s Judgment.  And believe me, that is one court date you don’t want to arrive to unprepared… that would be Hell.  Literally.

My pastor says, “Sin always takes you farther than you want to go, keeps you longer than you want to stay, and costs you more than you want to pay.”  Every person in those pictures above is a living testimony as to the truthfulness of that statement.  Don’t end up — spiritually — like one of them.  Go to, and settle your spiritual destiny tonight.


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