Murder Most Foul

The image is shocking! My children, 5 and 7 years-old, came in while this was on my computer screen and shouted, “What is that, Mom!?” A barely clothed young woman is drenched in blood and wrapped in cellophane—is she a murder victim?  No.  She’s protesting the eating of meat in front of a barbecue restaurant.

The obviously the intention of the PETA demonstrators is to shock and perhaps even sicken those who see it.  They chose the most foul, disgusting, image they could muster to try to produce sympathy for animals.  But my question is this… Why should this image shock us? Take a moment to just think that through before reading on.

Now think carefully; why should we be shocked when the real thing is happening, right now, in every major city in the United States?  In your city today, in clean, white rooms, women pay smiling secretaries, to have human beings slaughtered—literally.  The bloody, lifeless bodies of once living people, are wrapped up, and tossed away into the garbage… and the attitude is “good riddance!”

Can you imagine the backlash if I were to take a baby doll, cover it with fake blood, wrap it up in cellophane—just like this PETA demonstration—and stand in front of an Abortion center? After all—unlike PETA’s idiocy—it would be an accurate depiction of what is going on inside.  You see, PETA is tolerated in our society for this kind of “free speech,” but showing blood on a baby near an Abortion business would result in the police being called out to remove you… you “religious fanatic!”  (Can you smell the hypocrisy?)

If you think about it, the reason this picture has such shock value is that when we see someone murdered, something jumps inside us.  Our conscience almost instinctively screams, “This is wrong!  This should never happen!  Someone should be punished!”  Why?  Because human beings are created in the image of God, and God has written his Commandments (including, “Thou shalt not murder,”) on our hearts.

So, I’m sorry to tell PETA, that their demonstration didn’t work on me… at least not in the way they intended.  It didn’t make me sympathetic towards animals—instead it made me focus even more on the value of human life.

Are you against the killing of animals, but for the slaughter of human beings? If so, let me quote PETA from the paper under the cellophane, “GET HELP!”


30 thoughts on “Murder Most Foul

  1. Absolutely bang-on. Reality bites. This should go viral- can you make a facebook picture and subtitle out of it?
    You’re amazing Anna… ❤

  2. I’m against BOTH. I’m vegetarian for 4 years and a half now, and TOTALLY AGAINST Abortion. And Christian. “Thou shalt not murder”

    • I have Christian friends who are vegetarian. One is extremely tender-hearted and is always rescuing dogs she finds along-side the road. There is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian — Adam and Eve were.

      There IS something EXTREMELY wrong with equating human life and animal life. There is no comparison.

  3. I am AGAINST the slaughter of any living being that is innocent and/or helpless. I LOVE all children and animals, especially dogs. The thought of children and animals being abused or murdered hurts my HEART to the core.

  4. I am against abortion, but I find it heartless that you don’t think of animals as well. God created animals to, for us to care for them, not hurt them or abuse them, not even for us to eat them, in the beginning. Only after stupid men demanded to want to eat meat, did God let them, but not with blessing, but with a warning, that we can it what we want, but that doesn’t mean its good for us. And meat and dairy, are NOT good for us. If all people were vegans, 95% of health and medical related issues would be cured. Oh, and not to mention, the rainforests wouldn’t be cut down to raise cows and force feed them grains, which God did not even intend for them to eat, when all the grains that they feed the cows to be slaughtered, could be sent to feed a small starving country!!!!! And not to mention the fact that unless you are eating organic meat, you are not eating real meat. Its mostly fat, and bleached and radiated and soaked in feces. And then we wonder why people who are only 40 die from heart disease or cancer…duh, God warned us. Learned it all at a class at my church, some from Christian health studies. There is so much people don’t know or they don’t want to know…would rather live in their ignorance. Makes me sick.

    • Andrea, you said, “Only after stupid men demanded to want to eat meat, did God let them.” You’re completely incorrect, and that can be verified easily by simply looking at the biblical record. Read Genesis 9 and you will find that the Lord makes the decision to allow men to eat animals. Frankly I don’t think it had probably ever occurred to them to do so before the Lord, Himself, told them to.

  5. This is amazing! Here in the Philippines RH Bill was passed just recently. It saddened the majority but still those in authority won. I am just hoping that Abortion will never be legalized here. =( Thanks anna for your wonderful article. Great job. God bless you! =)

  6. Wonderful article. I’m a father of two, and an avid hunter. It’s curious that something we’re given dominion over (animals) has taken priority over God’s pinnacle of creation (people) in the world today. Romans 1 applies.

  7. PETA kill’s more animals then animal shelter’s or science lab’s ever thought of killing Check into there history or even their current events. They unnecessary kill animals because they consider them undesirable. PETA is a very dishonest organization. And they always use skinny attractive half dressed or naked woman to preform their stunts. It’s the only way they get peoples attention.

  8. It is sad that we live in a country where the value of an animal is higher then that of a human. I don’t believe in abusing animals. I don’t believe in killing animals; unless used for food or to save a life of a human. And Jesus ate meat, too.

  9. God put animals on earth to be eaten,so i dont find nothing wrong with it,i do however dont agree wiuth abusing animals,or not humanely killing animals,that are to eaten,I do however think people should do this infront of abortion clinics,oiur society thinks its ok to kill babies there is something wrong with humans that think this way

  10. I don’t believe in tormenting animals for no reason — I do eat them, though. YUM!!! People have been eating tasty animals ever since Noah and his kids got off the ark and God said, “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.” (Genesis 9:3) Plus, I fully support animal testing… better that animals die than human beings. The most insulting thing about this PETA demonstration is the idiocy of equating human life with animal life. There is no comparison.

  11. There is always an outcry when graphic pictures of aborted fetuses are used to show the horrible things that are being done in clinics around the country. Those who protest probably don’t understand that they are just proving the point the pro-life people are making. Those pictures would not be so horrible if they were of tonsils or some other organ, but they are horrible because they are dismembered human bodies.

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