Favorite necklace of ALL TIME!!!

Empty Tomb Witnessing Jewlery

I absolutely LOVE my Empty Tomb necklace.  I wear it every day.  Really.  Every day.  It has been the start of many great witnessing encounters.

These are hand made by a lady here in California.  I think I got mine from her booth at a festival some years ago, but you can get one through her online store.

So buy one!  Support small, local business, and get something that totally rocks for starting conversations about Jesus!

(And, for those curious, I did NOT receive any kind of compensation for posting this.  This really is just something I totally LOVE and wanted to share!)

(And, for the skeptic, yes… I am wearing it in the
picture of me in the Annoying Orange shirt.
I’m really not lying about wearing it every day.
It just so happens it was under my shirt at the
moment that picture was snapped, but if
you look closely, you can barely see the sliver
chain going around the side of my neck.)


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