Correcting “b” and “d” Reversal

I made these out of construction paper today based on an idea from the new All About Reading curriculum I just started with my 5 year-old.  They suggest these little phrases to help your kids, just learning to read, to be able to tell the “b” apart from the “d.”  (This was a terrible problem for my older boy, and is rearing it’s ugly head now with my younger.)  Personally, I think their idea is brilliant!  The small “b” is likened to a bat and a baseball.  In reading left to right, you encounter the “bat” (the stick) first… helping the child remember the phrase, “First you pick up the bat, then you can hit the baseball.”  The small “d” is likened to a doorknob and a door.  In reading left to right, you encounter the “doorknob” (the round part) first… helping the child to remember the phrase, “First you grab the doorknob, then you can open the door.”

correcting b and d reversal

Brilliant reading program.  If you’re having any trouble teaching reading, I’m loving this program… check it out.  (I was not compensated in any way for this post… I just really like AAR.)